Letter from Headmaster Mike Murphy

February 2013

Dear Shorecrest Parents and Guardians:

Mike MurphyOn behalf of the Shorecrest Board of Trustees and faculty and staff, I am pleased to offer this re-enrollment contract to you for your child for the 2013-14 school year at Shorecrest Preparatory School. We offer this contract with the belief that your child has the ability and potential to thrive in the programs that will be offered. My expectation and hope is that every child and every parent/guardian will take full advantage of the opportunities offered at our school.

The Board of Trustees for the fifth straight year has approved a budget increase that is below the model recommended by our national independent school leaders. The 3½ percent increase for grades K-12 allows the school to continue our support for the faculty and staff and at the same time advance many of the strategic initiatives found in Vision 2015. Tuition for Early Childhood has decreased for the coming year.

We believe that the quality of our teachers and the continuous professional development for them is the single most important factor in being able to provide excellent educational experiences for our students. Shorecrest is committed to providing faculty and staff with compensation packages that are competitive with the top schools in our region. Seventy percent of all our expenses are directed to the compensation of faculty and staff. The largest portion of the tuition increase is dedicated to teachers and staff. Parents should know that unlike most public and private schools Shorecrest uses a pay for performance method with all employees.

Each division of the school will be adding or supplementing programs next school year. The most expensive will be the implementation of the iPad program in grades 5-12 and the expansion of iPad and technology use in Early Childhood and Lower Division. Two new technology positions will be added to our teaching and technical staff. One will focus exclusively on the development of curriculum and supporting faculty to authentically integrate technology to enhance teaching and learning. The second position will be our Help Desk teacher who assists students and teachers with any issues related to hardware and software application and use. All of the apps the teachers will require and the staff to support the iPad program are built into tuition.

While all of the planning for the coming year is not complete, I am confident you will see improvements in the following areas:

  • Efforts to enhance security, safety and protection of all people on our campus
  • Increased levels of college counseling in grades 9-12
  • Increased opportunities to engage in test prep courses
  • Development of Responsive Classroom, Developmental Design and the Honor Council all focused on strengthening the ethical and caring climate on our campus
  • Expanded elective options for students in Upper Division
  • Continued development of the Reading Workshop and Writers Workshop for Lower and Middle Division students
  • Greater emphasis on personal wellness and balanced lifestyles for students in all grades
  • Continued development of the Spanish and French language programs
  • Increased opportunities for students to be exposed to people and cultures from around the world
  • Enhanced communication tools for teachers to use with students and parents
  • Booster Club membership will be built into tuition. All Shorecrest parents and students will be able to attend games (with the exceptions of state tournaments) for free. You will all be Booster Club members.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful campus and we are planning both enhancements where they are needed and continued maintenance and upkeep in order to maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

I want to use this opportunity to thank parents who support their children and our school with philanthropy and volunteerism. The school could not be as successful without your support. Gifts to the Annual Fund combined with support from the Booster, SPA, Alumni, and Business Partners help control increases to tuition. At the same time, volunteers provide community involvement and support that would be incredibly expensive to provide. Shorecrest parents know that we cannot operate an excellent school just with the revenue from tuition. Thank you to all of you who have given and served in the past. We will need you in the coming year more than ever before.

The Board and I are well aware that parents who send their children to Shorecrest are making a significant investment in the education of their children. We appreciate your commitment to quality education and promise to do our best to provide our students and their families with opportunities to be prepared for successful university life and meaningful citizenship. Shorecrest is the home away from home for our community. We know you expect the best and we intend to exceed your expectations.

It is my honor to serve as the Headmaster of our fine school. I look forward to the second half of this year and to being with you for an exciting 2013-14 school year.


Mike Murphy,

Online Re-enrollment

  • Complete a separate online re-enrollment contract for EACH student.
  • After submitting your re-enrollment contract, you will be given the opportunity to pay your advanced tuition deposit of $1,000 and/or tuition refund plan payment online, if desired. Your re-enrollment will not be considered complete until your form is submitted AND your payment received by Shorecrest.
  • Enrollment contracts received after February 15, 2013, are assessed a late fee of $300. We will not be able to reserve a place for a re-enrolling student unless the completed contract has been received by February 15, 2013.
  • If you have financial questions, or questions about the contract, please contact:
    Karen Moore, C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer (727) 456-7503
  • If you have other questions about enrollment, please contact:
    Judy Roberge, Registrar (727) 456-7513
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Tuition Refund Insurance

Students are enrolled for the full academic year and no adjustment of annual charges can be made by the School for absences, withdrawal, or dismissal. This policy is necessary as the School has continuing expenses such as plant maintenance and faculty salaries. In order to maintain these services for the year, it is essential that the annual income from tuition charges be stabilized. Therefore, in the interest of parents, we offer the tuition refund insurance plan for parents. This plan will not only provide an allowance of tuition charges in the event of absence or withdrawal of a student for medical reasons, but also in the event of withdrawal for other reasons or dismissal by the School.

Tuition Refund Insurance (2.93% of tuition cost) is required of:

  • any new family enrolling a student in Shorecrest (unless making an annual payment), or
  • any student enrolling after the school year has begun, or
  • any student returning to the school after an absence of one semester or more
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Tuition Loan Program

NAIS and Shorecrest are pleased to offer parents a third party payment plan option through "Your Tuition Solution" for those parents who need a more flexible extended payment plan. Your Tuition Solution offers low fixed-rate extended payment plans for up to $40,000 with interest rates beginning as low as 3.99% with no prepayment penalties. CLICK HERE to find out more information about Your Tuition Solution payment plans.

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Shorecrest Preparatory School welcomes candidates for admission or employment, regardless of age, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, national or ethnic origin, and does not discriminate on the basis of any category protected by law in the administration of any of its programs.